'Open season' on black men

| Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

I taught my children and others about the things I once believed. I taught them about the principles that I had been taught were fundamental aspects of this country's founding. I taught that justice would eventually favor the people who stood on the promises of a nation founded on “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” I taught a pack of lies!

Trayvon Martin (a child) is buried beneath those lies. He was put there by the actions of George Zimmerman (an adult) playing “cops and robbers.” I taught that there are consequences for your actions. That particular lesson only applies to young black boys!

Zimmerman was told to stay in his vehicle. He was told not to pursue. Trayvon tried to defend himself against an unauthorized attack from Zimmerman. Trayvon is dead because Zimmerman didn't follow directions!

Zimmerman gets to live out his days contemplating his actions. Trayvon won't get that chance! I apologize for teaching things that just aren't true for young black boys!

We have calls for “a conversation about race.” I've grown tired of the conversation! Talk won't save the lives of the young boys who have targets on their backs.

The message has been sent! It's “open season” on black men! Shoot them if you can create the opportunity! The system will defend your right to shoot them through the heart ! I hope Zimmerman lives long enough to experience the agony he has caused the Martins and this nation.

Miles S. Adams Sr.

Mt. Lebanon

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