Staining baseball

| Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

Shut up, Ryan Braun. What you did isn't a mistake for which you get to take the coward's way out. The ever-hollow “I'm sorry” or “I'm human” doesn't cut it.

Forgivable mistakes aren't premeditated. They aren't designed with a clear intent to increase one's wealth, fame or pleasure through the ongoing deceit of others. They aren't covered up with scripted lies delivered at a national microphone.

Despite the muscles, you're that most spineless of men — one who dresses in women's clothing to get a seat on a Titanic lifeboat. Financially rich, you're morally bankrupt.

I pity your children, not you. They'll carry your stain the rest of their lives. They're the ones you taught how to deceive.

The only thing more unconscionable than your cowardice is your union's and employer's refusal to dismiss you. Their actions only condone baseball's new career path: “Cheat, get lucrative contract, apologize for cheating.”

Shut up, Braun. You're just noise. You chemically enhanced creatures do nothing but take me back to my baseball hero, the one who ran like he was on fire and threw like no one will again; a real man of integrity and selflessness who fell from the sky on a mission to help others.

You want to be forgiven? Stop staining baseball. Quit and go away. Go spend the money you stole from those playing the game honorably.

Robert Szypulski

Penn Township

Westmoreland County

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