Open season on facts I

| Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Miles S. Adams Sr.'s letter “‘Open season' on black men” (July 25 and is filled with hardly credible opinions not supported by the facts. George Zimmerman was not “playing ‘cops and robbers'” when pursuing a young black man. He was performing a neighborhood watch in his own community, which had been terrorized recently by gangs of male teens.

Zimmerman was not a racist, targeting blacks. In fact, in FBI investigations, he was completely exonerated from being racist by 30 witnesses. He saw a young man, dressed as the gangs often were, in a neighborhood where he was not known.

Obviously, Zimmerman must have first verbally challenged the young man. All Trayvon Martin had to do was identify himself as a stranger in the area, visiting his father and returning from the store with snacks. Is this so difficult? If Trayvon had answered instead of attacking and holding Zimmerman on the ground and pounding his head on the concrete, there would have been no further actions necessary.

Zimmerman was correctly exonerated by the jury for reasons of self-defense. Our black citizens in this country have no reason to feel they have a target on their backs. The only reason they are possible suspects is that gangs of young black men are giving law-abiding citizens reason to fear them.

If the black population wishes to correct the need for “neighborhood watches,” they must address the problem of lawlessness by their own people.

June Morrison


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