Give up motorcycles

| Friday, Sept. 6, 2013, 8:57 p.m.

Why do people continue to ride motorcycles? Thousands of Americans die every year driving one of these death traps.

The insurance companies don't mind the no-helmet laws. That's because it's cheaper for them to have a biker die in an accident than be seriously injured or become disabled. Most of us know people who have been hurt or died in a motorcycle accident, so this really hits home.

Some people think that driving a motorcycle is a really cool thing to do. It boosts their egos or self-confidence, or they tell you it feels good driving through the wind. But is it worth your limbs or your life? Talk to a deceased biker's family members. They'll tell you ego-boosts and being free in the wind were not worth a life. The families suffer every day.

If bikers won't quit for themselves, then they should do it for their daughters, mothers, brothers, fathers and other loved ones.

And drivers, please watch out for bikers. We all need to be extra careful when we see or hear a motorcycle coming our way. Remember, that biker might be someone in your family or a dear friend. Be assured they're somebody's loved one.

James Illinsky


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