Violent images & crime

| Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Recently, two people in Nevada, members of a group designated terrorist by the FBI, were charged with planning ghastly attacks on police. Two other “sovereign citizen” followers shot and killed two police officers in Arkansas before police killed them in 2010.

I believe it is well past time that we support the police much more strongly. We need them more than ever, and they need us.

The jobs of police are more difficult, and risks to us higher, I am convinced, because the incessant images of violence on television and in movies are ever more powerful, more meticulously — to me, insidiously — produced. And of course they are now watched on giant screens in high definition.

Kids see many thousands of images of violence and murder, to say nothing of violent video games and more graphic depictions of terror and horror. And we wonder why kids attack other kids and post the assaults online.

Violence has become a movie and television pathology. Those responsible for producing and broadcasting it are a disgrace. The images disturb young minds — they are an abuse of our kids. They incite violence-prone youth and adults.

They have, I am convinced, increased the horrendous crimes we now constantly see in this once civilized society.

Hank Baughman


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