Dreading Oct. 1

| Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Dreading Oct. 1

It would seem useful for everyone to have a score card and lineup in hand when mandatory ObamaCare enrollment (in what was at one time a country that stressed freedom of choice) begins on Oct. 1.

The powers in government that have been able to finagle this burlesque show and force it down our throats are the same people behind these other social enforcements, denials and entitlements: same-sex marriage, open borders and rampant illegal immigration, gun control, pro-abortion rights, food-stamp abuse, uncontrolled but very deftly manipulated unemployment figures, the IRS scandal and Benghazi cover-up, denial of freedom of religious expression (denial of the right to quote from the Bible, removal of God's name and Ten Commandments references from public places), unwillingness to revise the tax code for clarity and simplicity, and desire to bomb Syria without President Obama taking the blame, putting it on the shoulders of Congress, in the same way he blamed President Bush for all of these current problems.

So, as Obama enjoys the last three and a half years of his far-left administration's liberal agenda to destroy America, be prepared — you will not recognize your personal budget after Oct. 1, due to imposed taxes and additional costs coming at you from all directions.

E. Robert Hasis

Pleasant Hills

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