Marijuana madness

| Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013, 9:01 p.m.

We're all aware of the problems caused by alcohol — addiction, DUI, domestic incidents, etc. Now there is a push to legalize marijuana. Why, oh why, would you want to compound the addiction problems we already have with yet more of the same type of problem?

Are you any less dead if you're killed by someone “high as a kite” as opposed to someone “drunk as a skunk”?

Parents, do you want someone using marijuana to drive your child's school bus?

Do you want the dentist giving you a root canal to be on drugs? The surgeon doing your knee replacement, the guy installing your new gas line, the druggist filling your prescription?

Think of how many people you and your family interact with each and every day. Any of them and their actions can have consequences for your loved ones.

Wouldn't you rather they were of sound mind and clear-headed when in contact with you?

It's bad enough that many people are using marijuana illegally. Legalize it, and you will only add to the growing number of irresponsible, self-serving people who don't care about anything but their own pleasures.

Isn't it time to halt the decline of moral standards in this country and strive to reverse this destructive path?

This country is sinking lower and lower in standards, and you are the only ones who can stop it.

There are so many ways people hurt each other already. Why would you want to add another way?

Jean Thimons


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