Paying for hydrants

| Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Re. the article “Hydrant rental charge to come” (Sept. 3): We residents of the Indianola and Rural Ridge sections of Indiana Township will have an extra charge on our sewage bill to pay for fire hydrants in our area.

It seems to me that the entire township should share equally in this cost.

The township seems to care more about money than anything. There is a hydrant across the street from my house, but often it can't be seen due to snow in the winter and weeds in the summer.

If you call to ask about this, the buck gets passed and nothing happens. Most of the time, I clear the snow and weeds.

Most Indianola and Rural Ridge residents are retired or living on fixed incomes.

As we all know, whatever the so-called leaders of our township decide we are not to question.

Well, I and many others do not agree to this decision. Wake up, people.

Bruce Wallace

Indiana Township

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