Media bias detected

| Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Is the Trib becoming more liberal? Not the Opinion page, but the news articles. I know most are not written by Trib reporters, but the stories the Trib editors pick — and, I guess, also write the headlines for — have a liberal slant.

The McClatchy Newspapers story “Health care law divides Republicans” in the Sept. 20 print edition is a good example. It's on Page A4 and not labeled “opinion” or “analysis.” It begins by insinuating that Republicans are out to fool the public. It refers to them as “diehards,” “the no-compromise crowd” and “bitterly divided.” They don't have opponents — no, these kooks have “nemeses.”

The article includes, of course, the warning that polls show the public will blame the Republicans for any government shutdown more than the Democrats. (I read the article several times and couldn't find the part assuring us that the media will do their best to report accurately regarding whom is to blame.) And it certainly wouldn't be a news article if it didn't include quotes that referred to congressional Republicans as “extremists” and “anarchists” who “fear nothing more than losing their seat.” I almost forgot: It also assured us that there's a “GOP Shutdown Watch” to warn us “about Republican behavior.”

The next time an article with such hard-hitting facts lands on the editors' desks, I hope they have the good sense to put it on the Opinion page.

Thomas Wagner


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