Tea Party controls GOP

| Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Thanks to Lucille Homoki for her letter, “Priorities Needed),” (Sept. 25), regarding how cutting food stamps and public transportation hurts the poor. She brings to light how taking a meat axe to the budget leaves collateral damage.

I don't believe anyone wants cuts that hurt the poor who really need it. We want thoughtful, responsible cuts to eliminate those who abuse these benefits. Unfortunately, the Republicans don't use proper prudence to separate the users from the abusers. It's too hard for them, drilling down into legislation to make a good law.

This is also true of ObamaCare, parts of which I like. My son will be able to use my insurance until he is age 26, giving him eight years to go to school and find a job without worrying about health insurance. There is no need to cut or eliminate ObamaCare. Just drill down into the law and make changes to strengthen it.

But the GOP won't. They are still stinging from how Democrats rammed through this law and are obsessed with an immature mantra, “No kumbaya with Democrats.” It's a “Tea Party way or the highway” attitude and people are sick and tired of it.

This is all about the Tea Party agenda and could result in the government not paying its bills. This is why Republicans who aren't Tea Party zealots are frustrated.

Wasting time to change the law of the land because you don't like it and shutting down the government to get your way like an insolent child is no way to run our country.

Ms. Homoki is right — priorities in Washington definitely are needed.

Raymond Anthony

Fawn Township

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