Quit wasting America's time

| Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

The tea party conservatives are models of consistency — they have a perfect record of wasting Congress' time in fighting against ObamaCare. And there will be more losses to come.

Polls consistently show fewer than 25 percent of voters are tea party supporters. You can't get very far with those numbers no matter how loud you are. You really need to have ideas that will advance the nation — ones that are good for many, not a select few.

I recently looked at the Ryan budget this group so loves. Even though the deficit keeps decreasing, the tea folks don't seem to notice.

The average Social Security payment is $1,260 a month. Social Security is the sole income for more than a third of recipients, and for more than two-thirds, it's a majority of their income. He would effectively eliminate Social Security for many people. This hurts people and the economy because people spend this money at the mall and the grocery store each month.

The Ryan budget also increases out-of-pocket Medicare costs and turns Medicare into a voucher system.

We need to start sending people to Washington who want to work on keeping our great country the envy of the free world, not tea party people who want to tear it down and create who knows what.

Hurting old people, single mothers and the working poor is no way to win hearts and minds. Not knowing the real facts may advance your cause in the short run, but not in the long run. See the Joe McCarthy saga in the 1950s for a reference point.

Thank God that elections do matter in the long run and we re-elected the right leader last November.

John Emery West Jr.


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