Distract, divide, delude & control

| Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Can you see the shiny pocket watch moving back and forth, ever so slowly? You are getting sleepy, sleepy. Now you are in a deep, deep sleep.

You have no awareness of, nor concern for, reality. You are under our power and will do as we say. Who are we? We are the people who rule you. We are the people who know what's best for you, who are smarter than you and will do your thinking for you.

We learned a long time ago that you are lazy, easy to control, have a short attention span and, best of all, will vote for us over and over again, no matter how awful a job we are doing. We know that you are easily distracted, easily divided and delusional enough to accept whatever we unleash upon you, then thank us for it.

We know that you are easier to control when you are divided by class, religion, race or gender, so we go to great lengths to make that happen. Whatever it takes to make you our useful idiots.

Of course, there is no shiny pocket watch. It simply represents the distractions that the media, Congress and the Obama administration promote to take your mind off what is really important. It's working to perfection.

Instead of being concerned about your government spying, the questionable activities of the IRS, drones flying over our land, an incompetent administration, an impotent Congress or the calculated dismantling of the Constitution, we're talking about George Zimmerman, the Kardashians and the exploits of Honey Boo Boo.

Tim Kaczmarek


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