Benefits of exercise

| Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Benefits of exercise

When I first saw the headlined article “At 84, she's set to hit the trail” (Oct. 13), I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and I had to read it again. I was so impressed that I'm compelled to write in and congratulate Peg Lutz for her perseverance for staying fit and active.

Peg could be the poster child for the benefits of regular exercise. When people start regular exercise, along with a good diet, when they're healthy, they reap the benefits of their golden years. It's easier to stay fit than to get fit. Not only does a regular exercise program keep your body fit, it does wonders in every aspect of your life.

I share Peg's passion. I got the exercise bug in my late 20s, and at 46, I still have it. There are many times I feel like quitting, but I have a strong sense of discipline to thank for my dedication and rewards.

I used to tell myself that I will stop at a certain age, but after reading about Peg's accomplishments, I may have to re-think that.

Amy Baker

New Kensington

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