Sundays & hunting

| Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013, 9:01 p.m.

Sundays & hunting

A common topic around this time of year in Pennsylvania is hunting on Sundays. The state Game Commission and lawmakers do not allow hunters to shoot game on Sundays.

Deer hunting in this part of the country is one of the top activities and allows the state to make a ton of money off selling licenses and stamps to hunters.

The vast majority of those in the field are working adults. They put in their 40-plus hours a week and get only one opportunity to take a buck per week. That equates to six days during archery season. So, why not allow hunting on Sundays to double the opportunities?

Many people believe it has to do with blue laws and respecting the Lord's day. While this may be a part of it, the real reason is farmers.

A lot of land hunted on in Pennsylvania is owned by farmers, and this allows them to make certain demands. They do not want gunshots ringing out while they are trying to enjoy their only day off for the week. While I respect this aspect, this is a solvable problem.

Here's the plan: Allow hunting on Sundays, archery only, and end hunting at noon. This solves all the issues, but if farmers still do not go for it, why not even restrict Sunday hunting to certain counties?

Allegheny and a couple other counties already have special seasons to reduce the deer herd, so why wouldn't this be a good idea?

Justin J. Bandurski


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