Wrong on Hillery

| Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

I am appalled by the misleading content of former Harmar Township Supervisor Barbara Noll's letter “Hillery for Harmar” (Oct. 20), in support of Mike Hillery.

In the letter, Noll states, “There are no more employee firings.” That's ironic, since Noll voted to fire Police Chief Riley Perrett and not retain former township secretary Tony Rozzano.

Thankfully, the VND has an online archive of articles. Please review the March 7, 2007, article “Harmer police chief fired; no reason given.” Then-Supervisor Noll said the decision came “after a lengthy internal investigation.”

Noll is attempting to keep her old cronies in power with blatantly misleading statements. What a self-serving hypocrite she is. Voters might want to remember that, since Noll is currently running for Harmar auditor.

I currently serve as a Harmar supervisor with Hillery, who clearly is on a power trip. I have been routinely kept off committees and denied access to township documents.

Mike Hillery attempts to take credit when none is due. As an example, Mike Hillery refused to lower our taxes for years. Instead, Mike and his crew went on a spending spree.

The only reason for the tax-rate reduction this year is a state law — the township had to reduce taxes to prevent a windfall due to reassessment.

Mike Hillery never let the facts or the truth get in his way. Just look up the articles about my proposals to reduce taxes and Mike Hillery's statements.

Robert Exler


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