Hold tax deadbeats accountable

| Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013, 12:01 a.m.

I pay taxes when due on properties I own in the Highlands School District. Many people do not pay at all. It is especially offensive when the property owner who does not pay is a school board member. The board is elected to administer a $38 million budget for Highlands residents, and yet, some cannot budget their own personal finances. This is not unlike police Chief (Nate) Harper and his misappropriation of tax money in the city of Pittsburgh. I call it theft.

In the next election, Mr. Ronald Lang of 9th Avenue in Brackenridge will be running again for the Highlands School Board, unopposed! Mr. Lang is a bar owner who has been delinquent on his school taxes for several years. He has also been sent to a board convention in the state of California at a taxpayer cost in excess of $3,000. He received these perks while owing the district over $30,000.

Do not vote in the election for Mr. Lang, but call him and demand he drops out of controlling your public dollars and abides by the same rules that he demands you follow.

Contact all of your board members and demand that they work on an aggressive campaign to collect back taxes before they raise yours to make up for the deadbeats. Their contact info is on the school webpage. Find them at: www.goldenrams.com

Mr. Lang, just pay your taxes!”

Rhonda Russell


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