Paying others' ACA way

| Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

As a 63-year-old businessman who purchases his family's health insurance, I make a fair comparison to John Mier, 62, subject of the news story “Leetsdale man's letter to Obama read by president during broadcast news conference” (Oct. 23 and, who is thanking President Obama for his good fortune with health insurance. He should be thanking insurance ratepayers like me who are making his situation possible.

The president said I could keep the insurance I have. He failed, however, to mention that the equivalent policy under the Affordable Care Act will cost me 37 percent more than I currently pay for myself and my wife. So, $438 a month comes out of my pocket and goes into Mier's.

Mier also fails to mention the deductible he and his wife face under his new plan. For me to attain a significantly reduced rate under the ACA, I would be exposed to a $6,000-per-year deductible. He must figure his family will not require care during the ensuing year.

My guess is his total out-of-pocket expense will be higher under the ACA, as more and more health providers are requiring deductibles be met before they bill the insurance provider. He may have the $692 a month for the policy, but does he have $6,000 in cash to cover his deductible before the insurance kicks in?

So, Mr. Mier, send out some thank-you notes. There are 10 folks like me for every one like you with regard to the ACA.

Kent V. Hart


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