Keep an eye on 'carve-outs'

| Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Your employer, like mine, may have switched to a health care plan that can be used at both UPMC and West Penn Allegheny. But watch out.

The VND and other excellent sources of information have nonetheless failed to explain the “carve-outs” — services not covered in a health insurance contract — from these plans.

I speak specifically about the mental health/substance abuse component. Treatment for depression, anxiety or alcoholism may not be available from Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, which is part of UPMC, or other well-respected mental heath units or outpatient clinics.

Chances are far greater that you and your family will need your “carve-out” more than a heart procedure or some other major medical service.

It is a myth that the Republicans offered no health care plans in 2008. There were many proposals, including the John McCain plan and the subsequent Mitt Romney proposal. The Affordable Care Act was a completely one-sided partisan effort.

FDR and LBJ at least obtained bipartisan support for their landmark legislation, keeping the nation united. The people, through the U.S. House of Representatives, have rejected ObamaCare's partisan effort.

It reflects badly on President Obama that he won with the smallest margin for a second-term president and lost more counties than he won.

Jim Disantis


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