ObamaCare Obamination

| Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

I remember when I first became interested in the tea party. A national news program showed a picture of a tea party rally. Some of the participants were carrying signs and one caught my attention.

It read:

T — Taxed

E — Enough

A — Already

I had to know more about the party. I really don't understand why Republicans object to it.

Tea party members believe in smaller federal and state governments. They believe in fewer government regulations. They believe that citizens should be more self-reliant and they disapprove of the nanny state. Above all else, they believe in lower taxes.

After the Republicans threw away their handbook of core beliefs, the tea party found it and made it the fundamental core of its beliefs. The tea party is not afraid to defend its principles.

ObamaCare is an Obamination. It is a complete failure. It is true that the tea party is gloating about it. And why not — the party tried to warn us.

The reason the tea party opposes ObamaCare is simple: The party is against new taxes.

The individual mandate clause of ObamaCare was challenged and when it went before the U.S. Supreme Court, the court ruled it was a constitutional tax on young, healthy, productive workers. That tax will pay for insurance for the chronically ill and the poor.

The IRS will be the collective arm of ObamaCare. It will withhold or seize your federal refund check if you don't sign up for insurance or pay your fine.

Don't believe the lies and propaganda of the Democrats and the media. Instead, do your own research.

Base your opinion of ObamaCare and the tea party on facts.

Kathleen Bollinger


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