Punishing taxpayers

| Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

I read the “Distressing pensions” item in “ Greensburg Tuesday takes ” and it reminded me of the news story “ Jeannette seeks to fund pension deficit ” about council planning to raise Jeannette's earned-income tax.

What is wrong with these people? Several years ago, they raised our earned income tax rate to 1.15 percent to help their financial problems, which did not help. Now, they want to raise it to 1.5 percent and punish the few people in Jeannette who are working residents. Seriously!

Knowing the debt the city has, I don't think raising this tax will put a dent in it or solve the debt. The city wasted money for the state to evaluate it and then did not listen to a word the state said. Residents in Jeannette have dealt with a lot of monetary increases — sewage fees, school taxes yearly , garbage fees — over the past couple years, and now this!

How much do they think the working residents can take in order to survive? Jeannette is not a large city and if Detroit can file bankruptcy, why can't we? Let's hope Mayor-elect Richard Jacobelli listens to the people and the state recommendations.

Michele Vanetta


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