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Beyond dogs & cats

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Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

A bill passed by the Pennsylvania House and sent to the Senate that would make it illegal to slaughter cats and dogs for meat, HB 1750, will likely pass with flying colors — and for good reason. People realize that taking the lives of these intelligent, sensitive animals so we can eat their flesh is wrong.

But what about the other intelligent, sensitive animals whose lives we claim for no other reason than to have the fleeting taste of their flesh?

People who have spent time with pigs often compare them to dogs because they are friendly, loyal, smart, playful and love to explore their surroundings with their keen sense of smell. Chickens develop complex social structures and constantly look out for their own family members and other chickens in the flock.

Cows' personalities are as diverse as those of cats, dogs and people: Some are bold and adventurous; others are shy and timid. Some are friendly and considerate; others are bossy and mischievous. Turkeys enjoy the company of others, love to be petted and enjoy clucking along to their favorite songs.

Just like people, dogs and cats, all of these animals value their lives and don't want to die. Pennsylvanians who support the bill to end the slaughter of dogs and cats for food should also support ending the slaughter of all animals for food, and embrace healthful and delicious vegan eating.

Michelle Kretzer

Norfolk, Va.

The writer is a PETA Foundation staff writer.

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