The demise of freedom

| Monday, Dec. 16, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

There are people who lead and people who follow. There are people who work all their lives and there are people who never work.

Leaders and workers are more prone to cherish their freedom than the followers and the nonworkers.

Leaders and workers want the freedom to live their lives without government interference; to work hard and to be proud of their accomplishments; to invest and save for their futures; to hire the best available person so their business will be successful; to eat and drink what they want (healthful or otherwise); to use their freedom of speech to say what they want when they want.

How many of these freedoms do we have? I look back to when I was a young man compared to my time as an old man. When I was young, I worked hard to take care of my family and tried to plan for the future. This was how I was brought up.

Now, if you have pride in your work and make gain, you are penalized. We now have class warfare. The “have nots” want what you have without paying the price. And government makes them that way.

You are censored on what you say. No more religious talk (it may offend someone). The Ten Commandments cannot be displayed on public grounds. No school prayer. You can no longer live your life without health-care insurance unless you are among the chosen ones who are exempt.

We used to actually put criminals away, not let them go to roam the streets. And we wonder why crime is up.

If you criticize our government, your phones and computers are tapped and you are investigated by the IRS.

Are we actually a free country? I think not. When I was a young man, I was free. Now that I am an old man, my hands are tied by our broken government.

Yes, Democrats and Republicans have lost their way. They no longer care about the people. They care about party and greed. I see no end in sight and I feel sorry for the young who follow.

Calvin Fatchet


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