Fixing ObamaCare

| Thursday, Dec. 26, 2013, 8:55 p.m.

It's clear that the country (50 percent to 60 percent) does not like the health care law. The website has been a disaster.

Most concerning is the discovery that private data to be sent to insurance companies were either garbled in transmission or not even sent. People who thought they were registered for a plan were not.

Government has now declared exactly what must be included in policies; often, it's nonsensical.

Five million people have had their insurance canceled. The White House recently predicted that 75 million to 80 million more policies will be canceled when businesses join ObamaCare or shift the burden of health care to their employees.

Those able to register have found insurance rates have increased, sometimes by 100 percent or more. Deductibles are very high, making insurance more of a gamble than a gain for peace of mind.

Doctor shortages, including those retiring or who will refuse to provide services under some plans, have not even been addressed.

President Obama is counting on this legislation to be his signature achievement. Does he really want a “train wreck” to be his legacy?

The positives of ObamaCare should be re-enacted, as well as other reforms needed, as single pieces of legislation: the purchase of insurance across state lines, no more coverage refusals for pre-existing conditions, financial assistance for those in need, an end to frivolous medical lawsuits and coverage for children under age 26 on parents' plans.

Let's reform medical care without undermining our current system.

June Morrison


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