Lax enforcement

| Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

Lax enforcement

In the Dec. 24 story “Vandergrift to vote on tougher rules for landlords, tenants,” I read with amazement that council wants to require rental-property owners who live 15 miles or more outside the borough to have a property manager.

Don't get me wrong — I fully support having rental owners step up to the plate when it comes to managing and maintaining their property. What amazes me was the quote from Councilman James Rametta: “The only thing really changing is the enforcement aspect.”

How does the borough plan to enforce this ordinance when they can't enforce the ones currently on the books? I have gone to the borough office several times — and even to a council meeting — over that past six years about the enforcement of the junk vehicle ordinance. I even wrote a letter to this paper, “Vandergrift”s selective enforcement” (April 7, 2013). Despite this, the junk vehicles remain at Byers Taxi & Byers Busing, although the ordinance states the vehicles must be removed with 96 hours.

This is the borough failing to enforce this ordinance on behalf of someone it knows, Julie Martin, owner of Byers Taxi, who is involved in the Vandergrift Improvement Program. Is this how she improves Vandergrift, by violating the junk vehicle ordinance? Is this how our officials plan to improve the borough?

I also find it amazing that Councilman Lenny Collini, who lives across the street from Byers Taxi, has seen this violation every day for the past four or five years, but does nothing.

I wonder if the new ordinance will have selective enforcement too.

James H. Dunmire


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