Uniting Baldwin-Whitehall

| Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

The Baldwin-Whitehall School District has recently been in the spotlight because one person, in one evening, with all but one vote of a school board, handed out a newly created, unfunded position of power with a lucrative payout. This action, while beyond my comprehension, has caused members of the district community to snap their necks and gather together to say that enough is enough.

Newspaper and television reports have fed the disbelief and fueled the anger of a district of hardworking, honest people. But from every bad situation comes good. People have banded together for a common cause; they are demanding transparency and asking questions.

What are the ideal conditions for effective school board service to the community? Why do we have policies and procedures if they are not followed?

We would like to see a spirit of harmony, respect and cooperation among board members and toward the community. In light of recent actions, we would like to see school directors not use their position to benefit themselves.

Finally, our district touts zero tolerance toward bullying behaviors. The standards we hold our children to are to be modeled by the adults in our community. For a respectful relationship to exist between our board and the community, name calling must cease; it is juvenile and an extreme defense mechanism.

As the new year begins, let the Baldwin-Whitehall community continue to move forward toward a respectful, open, involved spirit when it comes to our school board. Who knows, we may just get the same in return.

Marion Shannon

Baldwin Borough

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