Freedom above control II

| Friday, Jan. 17, 2014, 8:57 p.m.

Well, people are very excited about the ability to purchase “weed” lawfully in various states, including Colorado. The issue with these marijuana distribution centers is that it is still a federal offense for banks to accept money from these “stores” because the federal government does not recognize these state laws fully.

States are going to attempt to pass some laws to allow these places to have legal bank accounts within their states — basically, trying to legalize a form of money laundering. Just like illegal drug sales, these are cash-only businesses.

Now, when it comes to drug legalization, I'm very libertarian. Make them all legal. I don't smoke weed, and if it was legal, I still wouldn't.

It's not like people who already partake are having issues gaining access to it. But the “progressive” way that marijuana is being introduced to the masses is the issue. Until the states can govern themselves without massive federal mandates, these movements will continue to have issues.

Those on the left only want freedom when it benefits them, which is why the libertarian movement is the only true freedom movement. Liberty or death. Don't tread on me.

Justin J. Bandurski


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