NFL is anti-Pittsburgh

| Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Re. the article “Rooney prepared for offseason of change” (Jan. 9): Whether Coach Mike Tomlin's mistake for being on the field in the Ravens game was intentional or not, he paid his fine. Now, the NFL is still looking to punish the Steelers with the loss of a draft pick. Ultimately, the decision will fall upon NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The current kangaroo court of the NFL was implemented by longtime Commissioner Pete Rozelle and history showed his great dislike for the Steelers. It is also a fact that the Steelers are the most unjustly scrutinized team in the NFL.

The New Orleans “headhunters” and New England's “Spygate” didn't result in the loss of draft picks. Those acts jeopardized players' careers and showed standardized cheating versus the possible effect on one game's outcome. So where is the parity in punishment, Mr. Goodell?

The Steelers can't expect a fair shake from a league that has proven it's anti-Pittsburgh. Whatever does happen, we will hold our heads high because we are a “city of champions” and that is what champions do.

Jack Juris

Buffalo Township

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