Wrong on voter ID II

| Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014, 8:55 p.m.

I'm confused by Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard McGinley's ruling striking down state law's requirement that voters present proper identification to vote.

As it stands, enrollees for ObamaCare will need to provide a Social Security card, as well as some other form of identification along with tax returns, to enroll in the program.

But this cannot be correct. As all Americans realize by now, obtaining identification is extremely difficult for some. In fact, if one is asked to provide identification at a polling place to vote, many believe that is a form of voter disenfranchisement. However, for a person to get government assistance, the applicant will have to provide the names, birthdates, Social Security numbers and incomes of each person in the household and answer questions regarding any assets.

President Obama made the (outrageous) statement that health insurance is not a privilege, but a right. If voting is a right and health insurance is a right, why is it discriminatory to ask for identification to vote, but not to enroll in health insurance?

Just asking!

Ed Liberatore

Turtle Creek

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