Self-serving government

| Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

As parents, it is not only our hope but our responsibility to make every effort possible to ensure our children grow up to be independent and self-reliant and not remain dependent on us forever. Our government should expect the same from its citizens.

Making people dependent on government for the sake of votes is nothing less then criminal! Government is killing the desire of its citizens to support themselves and their families, robbing its citizens of self-esteem! Government is manipulating and preventing its citizens from becoming productive members of society by giving and expecting nothing in return — except a vote in the next election.

It is no wonder that today's government is attempting to remove God from everything possible. Reminders of God and the hereafter would make it hard to commit such criminal acts against other human beings. Just as giving to those who are capable of taking care of themselves is criminal, so is not caring for and not having compassion for those who cannot take care of themselves!

We the people can only hope and pray that those elected to serve us begin to do just that — serve us, as opposed to serving themselves. Instead of doing what it takes to ensure their re-election, they should do what it takes to make this country economically and morally healthy again.

Linda S. Jackson

Franklin Park

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