Harmar: No Trouble II

| Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

I agree with Linda H. Slomer's letter “Harmar: No Trouble.”

Supervisor Bob Exler is clueless. Harmar was in trouble more than eight years ago. Since then, the township turned around. Debts were paid and the township has established reserves.

To me, Mr. Exler's new direction means going back to the cronyism of the past, which means missing money and creating debt. Supervisor Kim Toney's comment about getting the best people is laughable. For township boards, they just replaced some of the best people with relatives and neighbors whose backgrounds and skills are unknown.

When asked what qualifications these people had, council members would not answer. Someone asked about a resume that was submitted. Ms. Toney's answer was something like, “You don't need to submit a resume; you only need to ask for the position.”

When Mr. Exler was asked about his son-in-law's qualifications to serve on the Zoning Hearing Board, his response was that his son-in-law is smart. There are many smart people in Harmar. Background and experience should be the criteria for appointing people to important boards.

In my mind, it took Mr. Exler, Ms. Toney and Supervisor Pat Janoski less than an hour and a half to jeopardize the years of progress the township has achieved.

Jackie Cain

Harmar Township

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