Catch cat killer

| Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Re. the story “Fawn police seek answers in animal abuse” (Jan. 30) about the cat tortured and killed by hanging on a tree: As I look at my beloved pet cat sleeping in a warm house on a soft sofa with a full belly, my heart breaks for the cat in that article. What has this world come to?

When I read Police Chief Tim Mayberry's comment — “This could be kids being stupid” — I was disgusted and shocked. If a kid did this, it is far from an act of stupidity — it's a symptom of mental illness. That kid is a time bomb waiting to go off. I doubt a fine or jail time would stop this kid from continuing on that same path.

This person needs a mental health evaluation. If an adult committed this crime, the police have an even bigger problem.

We all remember serial killer Jeffery Dahmer's history of animal torture and killings. I sincerely hope the authorities do everything in their power to catch this predator.

Whoever committed this horrible crime will most likely end up telling someone, as to brag.

Everyone needs to keep his eyes and ears open. If the community works with the authorities, they should be able to make an arrest.

Amy Baker

New Kensington

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