Citizenship's price

| Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Regarding The Associated Press news story “Immigration reform may hike cost of citizenship” : I really don't know how to express my opinion on this citizenship fray. My grandparents came to this great country from Europe (Austria and Slovenia) as immigrants, learned the language, customs and laws as best as they could, and studied and paid for their citizenship without any help from government.

They raised a family, obeyed laws, paid taxes and lived a fruitful life. It was their American dream.

Grandpap was a steelworker and Grandma did laundry, etc., to keep food on the table and a roof overhead. They were never rich, but the life they made here was better than what they would have had to endure in their native countries at the time.

I read with interest the news story about the proposed raised fines for illegal immigrants seeking citizenship until I came across the comments from Manuel Enrique Angel, who trained as a lawyer in El Salvador, is working as a cook in Houston, Texas, and wants to apply for citizenship.

It really tugged at my heartstrings that he has to pay $600 in rent. And in the next breath, he states he has car notes for $300 and $600! It will take him up to eight months to save up for the citizenship application fee.

I work 40-plus hours a week and don't make enough to have a combined $900 a month for vehicles alone! Change your priorities!

Marty Pecman


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