Pension-funding 'peasants'

| Sunday, March 16, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Never blame non-legislative public-sector workers for the state pension crisis. None are at fault for accepting an employment benefit spawned by politicians.

John Kennedy's order allowing federal workers to unionize neglected to mandate the obvious: When taxpayers fund jobs, collective bargaining must stop at salaries. Personal earnings, not public subsidies, are what workers fund retirements with.

JFK disfigured America with his feudal system of privileged public workers and those forced to assist them without reciprocation. His federal model polluted every downstream government, including Pennsylvania's.

Tom Corbett helps spread the poison.

First, thank the state's retirement systems (SERS and PSERS). They are forthright in divulging that portion of state pensions paid by taxpayers (i.e., public aid), not employees. It was $2.5 billion last year, rising to $6.2 billion by 2017.

Not enough, says Corbett.

His new budget demands more aid. Not for our destitute or hungry, but for a privileged class created by self-serving politicians who are part of it.

Corbett flat-out ignores workers who are expected to shut up and retire without the subsidy they are forced to fund. People whose retirement savings are not magically infinite but whose earnings are tapped to make the public sector's precisely that. People who use Social Security, a 401(k) plan (if offered) and their own assets to retire on. “Peasants” expected to ease the financial challenges of “royals.”

May the “wolf” at the door chase King Corbett from the castle.

Robert Szypulski

Penn Township

Westmoreland County

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