Randall no 'punk'

| Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014, 8:55 p.m.

To Eric Heyl, regarding your column “Heyl: Former Woodland Hills player Randall shows he's a punk” : A man of your age, finding it OK to call out a young adult in such a way? A man of your age, making a joke of someone else's life?

The definition of “punk” is “a worthless person.” Who are you to judge the worth of a man? Surely not God.

Harry Randall is many things. A punk is not one of them. Yes, you are able to voice your opinion, but what is your opinion when you have no facts on the situation? Yes, you know all you hear and have enough dirt to slander his name but what do you really know? Nothing, nothing about the boy himself, nothing about what is on the inside, just what you see on the outside.

I see much more. Others who actually know Harry see the funny, bright character who brings us smiles on a daily basis. Do you know his background? Do you know what struggles he has gone through? Do you know his life? No.

We who know, understand the mistakes of Harry Randall but also understand that there is more to him, and his mistakes do not define who he really is. He has been through many things in his life; things that shape you for better, things that knock you down, and things that you yourself would never imagine or experience.

Harry Randall is a human being just like me and you, not an animal, not a “punk,” not at all what you portrayed him to be in your demeaning column. So, the big question is: Who is the real punk?

Hannah Bennaugh


The writer is a Woodland Hills High School senior.

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