Green energy?

| Monday, March 17, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Green energy?

Wind turbines kill bats and birds, including endangered species, but have been given a waiver by the EPA. Wind farms also warm the ground where they are located, thereby affecting the local ecosystem.

Ethanol is well known for contributing to engine corrosion as well as raising the price of corn and related products. Human beings can eat corn; we cannot eat coal.

With regard to batteries for hybrid cars: Where is the investigative journalism on the dead zones around lithium-producing plants and other harmful by-products? What happens to all these batteries, given their life expectancy of less than 100,000 miles?

The only true “green energy” is solar. I am not advocating solar energy. I'm merely stating an obvious fact.

Among other factors, Pittsburgh changed from the “smoky city” because most homes and other structures are heated by natural gas.

Jim Disantis


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