Sign on to save Springdale

| Friday, March 28, 2014, 8:57 p.m.

Sometimes towns (not unlike people) need to fall down before they can get back up.

Since February, I have had people telling me stories of corruption, nepotism, favoritism and fraud being carried out by certain members of our council. Unfortunately, no one is willing to go on record for fear of retaliation.

I have heard from past council members, current and past law enforcement officers of our borough and surrounding municipalities, as well as businessmen and property owners. We cannot report the alleged acts of the council members to the state Ethics Commission without proof, although we all “know” who and what.

The evening Councilman Molnar went on TV and threw Springdale under the bus along with the police chief and the mayor sealed the deal for many of us. This is our town and we will not sit back and allow the likes of Councilmen Molnar and Polsinelli to embarrass Springdale.

Businesses are leaving and taxes are going up. We are at risk of losing our schools. We will not improve unless we attract businesses and families. We cannot attract business and families with the arrogant and self-serving acts of Molnar and Polsinelli making Springdale out to be a bunch of fools. We are better than that.

It is time for us to take a stand and allow our collective voice to be heard. The people of Springdale have created a petition, which reads in part as follows:

“In order to address the divisiveness, and to end the contentious environment that exists that is so very detrimental to the business and reputation of Springdale, we ask that Mr. Molnar and Mr. Polsinelli voluntarily resign from council.”

Information about the petition is available by email:

Jolie A. Carnahan-Girondi


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