Kiski board ignores taxpayers

| Saturday, April 19, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

We are once again witnessing the power of our school board — the consolidation of our schools and our children. The citizens of Parks Township are voicing their collective discontent and largely being ignored.

The Kiski Area School Board collects millions of dollars from us, but our taxes disappear down the black holes of pension and salary increases. We've seen senior citizens with tears in their eyes stand before the board members begging them not to raise taxes because they're being forced from their homes. But the board disregards every word.

Laurel Point Elementary School has proven beyond a doubt it does not take extravagant facilities to educate children. It's a national Blue Ribbon School and now the board wants to close it.

Laurel Point is an ideal location for continued use. It can be remodeled, expanded or maintained as is. That can be accomplished with local skilled labor. It should also be considered as a satellite facility in the county.

Do we really need a guidance counselor in every school? A basketball court in every school? A swimming pool?

America is a representative republic. This means we elect officials to do the bidding of the people. The school board works for us — not the other way around.

It's time for term limits for “our” school board members as well as for “our” county officials.

It's time to take our children back from the state.

Why am I adding my 2 cents worth? When someone takes $25,000 in additional taxes out of my pocket, I have earned the right to say anything I please.

Barry L. Phillips


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