Market wages best

| Friday, April 25, 2014, 8:57 p.m.

Ronald P. Goebel has it backward in his letter “Pay up or shut down” when he says, “Anyone who cannot pay at least $10 an hour to an employee should not be in business.” The reality is that anyone who has no experience and skills worth at least $10 an hour in productivity will never have a chance at a job.

Why stop at $10 an hour? Why not $20 or $50 or $100 an hour? Whatever the minimum wage is raised to will simply raise prices; it is called inflation.

Raising the minimum wage shuts out those who need jobs the most, with no chance of them ever catching that first break. The free-market economy works best with the least amount of government interference.

In North Dakota, McDonald's is paying a $300 signing bonus and $15 per hour thanks to the oil drilling boom. Imagine duplicating that all across the country if we let the free market flourish without more government regulations and mandates. Another example: The United States now has the highest corporate taxes in the world. This is a huge burden on the economy and hurts all of us since we, the consumers, pay 100 percent of the corporate taxes as they are passed through in the prices of products and services.

Government control of private industry is called fascism and government ownership of private industry (GM and Chrysler) is called communism. Period.

Rick Slinkard

Lower Burrell

The writer and his wife own CIH Services Inc., an environmental health and safety consulting business in Harmar.

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