Not being neighborly

| Sunday, April 27, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Not being neighborly

Some people must find joy and pleasure in destroying the success and livelihood of others. I find it hard to understand the disgruntled people of Ligonier Township who must have nothing better to do than hassle P.J. and Maggie Nied and their Foxley Farm (“Ligonier Township farm owner says parties did not violate judge's consent order,” April 16 and

The fabulous “Farm to Table” events and the amazing wedding venue that the Nieds offer to future brides and grooms not only maintain the beauty and livelihood of the farm, but also promote growth, provide employment and bring money into the beautiful town of Ligonier. Their opponents' petitions, sanctions, consent orders, interpretations of local zoning laws and the fines they hope to impose on the Nieds are un-neighborly and contemptuous!

It is difficult to understand that as adults, opponents cannot sit down and come up with a solution that would allow the Nieds to make a living on their beautiful farm and allow the grouchy neighbors to live in peace. Isn't that what we teach our children? This inability to compromise is a very bad example to our children.

In a world already full of bullying and ugliness, I find this situation unbelievable. Opponents should check for upcoming volunteer opportunities to try to do some good in the world instead of hassling hardworking people.

Maureen Cutrell


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