Stronger with legalization?

| Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 9:01 p.m.

We live in America — a land where freedom reigns and we are not subjected to extreme political oppression. Technology has given us a host of conveniences to make our daily lives much easier.

Despite all this, we feel we are living in a stressful time, full of economic pressures, social inequities and a whole spectrum of uncertainties.

We worry, now, about an old phenomenon called “bullying,” and probably correctly so. We all are being bullied. In politics, both left and right attempt to put in us the fear of God — or at least the fear of dire consequences if we do not vote for them. Drug companies insist we ask our doctors if their products should be prescribed for us in spite of all their nasty side effects — including, sometimes, death. Self-interest groups, among them some from minorities of race, religion, even sexual preference, accuse us of mistreating them and often they employ some tactics that would make a bully proud.

So, in this troubled nation, how are we going to set things right ? How best to solve the vexing troubles of our land? Well, currently a slim majority would opt for making marijuana legal. That way, we all could smoke it up and get relief from all the pressures that we feel.

How do you think that will work, America? Will it make our nation stronger?

Ed Collins

West Newton

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