'Doctor' Corbett

| Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

I am writing in response to Gov. Tom Corbett's slight change in stance regarding medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Although this is great news, it is sadly missing the mark of what supporters truly want. I am an Iraqi veteran with several mental/mood disorders who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in December.

As someone who has offered his life to his state and country, I feel entitled to therapy of my choosing. The VA dishes out pills that make depressed and even suicidal veterans more depressed. How is this safe?

The veteran suicide rate is alarming at almost 20 per day in 2013. This number disgusts me.

In March, there were zero combat fatalities; the same could not be said about vet suicides. What message is our government sending by not helping sick people?

I understand cannabis/marijuana may not be a cure-all, but when FDA-approved drugs don't work or stop being effective due to human tolerance, what's next?

Pennsylvania must take a progressive stance on this issue to help the hundreds of thousands of patients — like me — whom Corbett is dismissing. His new stance says: This disease is worse than that one, so I'll help those with this disease. You folks with some other disease — too bad.

I didn't realize Corbett, in addition to being our governor, is also a physician.

We need some compassion from Harrisburg and we need it now. We want marijuana law reform and we want it now.

Joseph Mirt


The writer served in Iraq with the Pennsylvania National Guard.

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