Still backing Orie

| Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

I read Eric Heyl's column on Jane Orie, “Heyl: Plain, Jane? You're not the victim”. She claims she is a victim. Well, guess what? She is/was a victim!

Whoever really knows Jane, her sisters and her entire family, as I do, knows she has been innocent yet framed all along. No sense rehashing old news; what's done is done and cannot be changed. By the grace of God, all she can do is move forward. I have known Jane and her entire family almost all my life and I, for one, will always stand behind her, believe in her innocence and continue to support her and her family.

She has tried or is trying to move on with her life. Those who don't truly know her will continue to judge; those who do will support her forever. I plan on standing by the side of my friend and her family and letting God be the judge, and he will judge when it's time.

I found Mr. Heyl's column offensive, yet it is his opinion of the facts as he knows them and it is his job. I plan on standing by my friend, for that is how you know a true friend — one who stands by you and weathers the storm with you until the rainbow shines at the end.

Debra A. Fisher


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