Classroom nonsense

| Sunday, June 8, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

I was astounded to read Walter Williams' column “White privilege” recounting the ridiculous and idiotic goings on at the recent White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wis. I heard nothing about this on any newscast. According to Williams, this conference was “attended by 2,500 public-school teachers, administrators and students from across the nation” and included lessons so outlandish in their subject matter and content as to boggle the mind.

The purpose of any education system, public or otherwise, should be imparting knowledge and teaching students how to think — not what to think! Conference session leader Kim Radersma stated that “teaching is a purely political act and that neutral people should ‘get the (expletive) out of education.'” Well, that explains why our universities are filled with left-wing professors intent on extolling the virtues of socialism, Marxism and communism to the young minds captive in their classrooms. Any student having conservative views is almost assured of receiving a failing grade.

Further examples of the conference lunacy included claims that white people did not exist before 1681, capitalism is the cause of racism and teachers should insert social justice and anti-racism into all lesson plans. What kind of nonsense is this?

Young minds should be educated, not indoctrinated, and parents should demand unbiased, fact-based education for their children. Thank you, Mr. Williams, for the heads-up!

Norma Rowley

North Versailles

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