Overwhelming irony

| Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

It is interesting that Secretary of State John Kerry would characterize Edward Snowden, who revealed to everyone the NSA's massive surveillance program on U.S. citizens, as “a man who has done great damage to his country” and anything but a “patriot,” and would say that Snowden should “man up,” as reported in the news story “Kerry to Snowden: ‘Man up'” on the Trib's May 29 front page.

Is this the same John Kerry who tossed his own ribbons and the medals of other Vietnam veterans and said, “I am not doing this for any violent reasons, but for peace and justice, and to try to make this country wake up once and for all”? This quote is amazingly similar to what I heard Mr. Snowden say in his interview with Brian Williams on NBC News.

On an issue related to releasing classified material: With the recent news that the Obama administration revealed the name of the CIA's top official in Afghanistan ( “White House blows cover of CIA agent” ), I find the irony of the Snowden case relative to the machinations of the administration on these issues to be absolutely overwhelming!

Wayne Baughman


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