Labor's economic suicide

| Friday, June 13, 2014, 8:57 p.m.

This letter is to all the unionized private-sector workers who continue to support Democrats at every level, despite the fact that those Democrats, led by President Obama, are doing everything in their power to destroy union jobs in our basic industries at every opportunity.

Obama's war on coal already has cost about 50,000 union jobs, and his refusal to approve the Keystone XL pipeline is preventing the creation of about 20,000 construction jobs, at least 30,000 union jobs in the steel and heavy equipment industries and at least 10,000 additional jobs in the refining industry that would flourish.

Obama's war on coal has escalated to the point that the Democrats' proposed new regulations, issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, will destroy most of what is left of the coal and coal-fired electric generation industries.

For what? The Dems say these measures are necessary to stop climate change, which has been going on for the entire 4.5 billion years of the existence of the planet with absolutely no human input.

And Obama's new regulations will do nothing to stop the use of coal because India, China, Russia and all other countries will burn more coal for power because it's cheap and they are not stupid.

Why do you union people continue to commit economic suicide?

Bob Jacobs


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