Metcalfe's crusades are charades

| Saturday, June 14, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

I see state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe has pledged to keep the voter ID issue as one of his many outrageous crusades.

The poll workers have our signatures from the county Election Bureau in front of them. I sign the voting sheet and the workers compare the signature. My cursive handwriting hasn't changed much since I was in school. Has the average person's signature changed that much?

Is Mr. Metcalfe trying to make me believe that Democrats recruited people who perfected the art of cursive handwriting matching a bunch of dead people who are still voting? Hogwash!

This is another concoction of crazy laws Metcalfe and the Republicans have tried to get enacted recently in order to obtain an unfair advantage in elections. The Republicans tried to change the Electoral College rules in Pennsylvania. They fought hard for the Republican gerrymandered districts. Even the most hard-core believer in voter ID should question the real motive of the Republican Party when it comes to changing election laws. It's a dangerous precedent if we allow a political party to pass voter laws where a minority of voters override the voices of the entire voting majority of the state or make voter ID laws to intentionally discourage people (Democrats) from voting.

So, Mr. Metcalfe, keep bloviating in the paper about how your only reason for keeping up this charade is to stop voter fraud. The majority of Pennsylvania's voters can see through the rhetoric you attempted to sell us. Even Gov. Tom Corbett saw through the truth and quit wasting our tax dollars fighting it.

Raymond Anthony

Fawn Township

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