Defying electorate

| Saturday, June 28, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

I find it incredible that Gov. Corbett is naming Harry Smail to Common Pleas Court in Westmoreland County ( “Corbett names 2 attorneys to Westmoreland bench” ). Having listened to two of Smail's speeches during the last election cycle, one in Harrison City and one in Irwin, I believe he would be an activist judge. He lost his last election to more moderate judges who reflect what I believe are the core beliefs of the county.

He has been rejected twice by the electorate in this county and should not be appointed. This appointment simply destroys the faith of the electorate. If you are rejected twice, that should speak volumes to the political elite.

I would urge state Sen. Kim Ward, R-Hempfield, and the entire Pennsylvania Senate to reject this appointment and give the voters some hope that their votes really count. If not rejected, perhaps during the next election cycle we should vote against those who thwart the electorate's judgment.

Edward J. Blotzer

Penn Township

Westmoreland County

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