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| Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

“Washington Redskins” is just a name and nothing more. However, certain groups or individuals in Congress are making it out to be a slap at Native Americans. These groups and individuals may be trying to make a name for themselves by using the Redskins as a ploy or a ruse.

If that is true, then they had better broaden their concerns to consider Cheyenne, Wyo., in the same way. And the Kansas City Chiefs.

Or how about the company that brewed Iroquois beer, which might have been derogatory to Native Americans who don't drink.

Then of course we have Erie and Lake Erie. Did they receive unequivocal permission to use that name in that way?

What about Sioux Falls, S.D.? Sounds like a locale where the Sioux took a beating.

We have Aliquippa. I'm certain Queen Aliquippa didn't give permission to have her name shortened into “Quips,” which has every possibility of being insulting to her name and the memory of her.

There are innumerable places or things around this country named after or about Native Americans that may or may not pay homage, but whose names were used innocently with positive intentions.

If the Washington Redskins are to be made a scapegoat, then we had better look into changing the name of that wonderful meal supplement — redskin potatoes.

E. Robert Hasis

Pleasant Hills

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