NK-A taxes go up — again

| Thursday, July 10, 2014, 8:55 p.m.

The VND's top story on June 27 was “New Ken-Arnold taxes balloon 7 percent.” The headline should have read taxes balloon “again.”

This if the fifth straight year with a tax hike. This time, the increase is $77 on a $15,000 assessed value — a lot of money for some of our citizens.

Superintendent John Pallone points the finger at salaries, benefits and pension contributions. Yes, these costs play a role, but he should add mismanagement to the list.

Since the current board majority took office, we have some of the lowest test scores in the state. We're broke. The board squandered a reserve fund of over $9 million. We're selling our newest building and keeping the old ones.

We spent millions on the football stadium. We have busing, which we managed without for years. Our superintendent has no background in education.

Pallone was doing such a lousy job as our state representative that he lost to a Republican in a heavily Democrat district. So we hired him to run our schools.

How many more tax increases with nothing to show for them are we going face? There are five board members and one superintendent running the NK-A show and the show is a joke.

The students in our public schools are our hope for the future. Public education made America what it is today.

I don't mind paying for results, but I won't stand for my money being wasted and mismanaged. That's what we have now at NK-A. Let's do something about it.

Bill Charlton


The writer is former NK-A board member.

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