Wilson Center stupidity II

| Thursday, July 31, 2014, 8:55 p.m.

Regarding the August Wilson Center for African American Culture: I cannot see how throwing more taxpayer money behind an already failed and bankrupt venture serves any public interest. Build a hotel, make it profitable, return the center back to being a taxpaying entity.

How do Pittsburgh's mayor and Allegheny County's chief executive not support that? As our trustees to manage the finances of this city and county, they should accept the revenue that a hotel can bring. The center has brought zero dollars in revenue to anyone, at least anyone who has paid into it.

I'm sure all that money and funding went somewhere! Anyone get audited or un-audited? Yet, we continue to waste time and money on a failed, bankrupt venture. Why do the general bankruptcy laws not apply to the center?

I am the owner of a restaurant and jazz club across the street from that immensely huge failure, and I placed my financial future and hopes on something as beautiful as the center, but it just did not work! Like a bad relationship, let it go. Move on.

Build a hotel, allow the 900 block of Liberty Avenue time to heal and grow in a positive direction.

E.P. Kazas


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